What You Can Do


• Educate others by requesting a
presentation by S.A.F.E. Center staff at
your school, place of employment, church
or other social organization.

• Know what resources are available
& share your knowledge with others.

• Lead by example and volunteer your
time at The S.A.F.E. Center and lead a
non-violent lifestyle.

• Ask for guidance if you know someone who is being abused and call our crisis line.
We are here to help everyone that is
affected: family, friends, co-workers,
employers and acquaintances of both the
victim and the abusive partner.

• Be supportive as a supportive social
network can be an extremely important
tool for someone who is being abused and
could mean the difference between life
and death.

• Speak out in reducing the social stigma related to abuse empowers victims.
Breaking the silence is the first step
towards living a violence free life.

• Make it your business if you witness someone being abused, whether it be
physically, verbally or otherwise, speak up.
Abusive individuals need to be held
accountable for their actions.

• Report violence if you witness an
incident or believe that one may be

This project was supported by subgrant No. 16-VA-0812 awarded by the Nebraska Crime Commission and points of view or opinions contained in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Commission or the Victims of Crime Act.

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