Volunteer service is more than just performing a service of your own free will.  It’s serving a community, shaping character, lending purpose to life, and may at times save the life of another.  Volunteering is a selfless act of compassion and empathy.  It is not an act of a superhero or a saint. A volunteer serves a need greater than one’s own in the hopes that she or he will make life just a little better for someone else.


There are three main areas in which volunteers are typically needed, which are listed below.  There are also other opportunities throughout the year in which individuals and groups can participate.  Please let us know your strengths or expertise so we can determine how those can be best utilized to help the organization!



Assist with community awareness, events and activities.  This may include anything from posting flyers up around the community to talking with others at a booth we may have at an event.  This area is very important to our agency as we want our services to be well known within the communities we serve.


Children’s Support Group

Assist directly or indirectly with the weekly children’s support group.  One way is to attend group each week and assist the Children’s Group Advocate with fun activities and skill building.  Another way you can be involved is with the planning of group activities ahead of time for the children.  Meals are needed each week to feed attendees.


Office Support

Assist with a variety of tasks in the office which may include folding newsletters, assembling packets of information for victims, sorting/hauling donations and/or making calls to updating information.

 All interested applicants are required to complete an application that includes a background check an Adult Protective Services/Child Protective Services check.  Those areas of volunteering which include direct client services requires attendance at a 12-hour volunteer training seminar entitled “Family & Sexual Violence In Our Community” that is held twice a year and additional background checks.


For more information on how to become more involved as a volunteer, please contact The S.A.F.E. Center.

This project was supported by subgrant No. 16-VA-0812 awarded by the Nebraska Crime Commission and points of view or opinions contained in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Commission or the Victims of Crime Act.

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