Is It Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault can take many forms. It is any unwanted sexual contact or attention achieved by force, threats, bribes, manipulation, pressure, tricks or violence. Sexual assault may be physical or nonphysical and can include sexual harassment, flashing, voyeurism, fondling, attempted rape or rape. Sexual assault is not about sex, but about the perpetrator gaining power and control over their victim. Anyone can become a victim of sexual assault and it is a crime that is more often committed by acquaintances, friends and relatives.

It may be sexual assault when:

• Any time you are unable to or did not give consent to any sexual contact
• Even if you don’t remember the incident and/or details
• Even if you didn’t fight back
• Even if you used drugs or alcohol
• Even if you have or have had a relationship with the person
• If you have been groped or touched inappropriately

These are just some of the indicators of sexual assault. Please speak with an advocate about what is happening in your relationship. Contact Us

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