Is It Domestic Violence?

iStock_000010710140XSmallDomestic Violence is a pattern of assaultive and controlling behaviors, including physical, sexual and psychological attacks, that one intimate partner does to another. Domestic violence is a purposeful behavior directed at achieving compliance from or control over their partner. Only the perpetrator is responsible for the violence and the perpetrator

Do They?
• Controls finances, daily activities, relationships with others, or any other aspects of your personal life
• Calls you names, verbally puts you down, embarrasses you, yells, or threatens you
• Tells you that you’re a bad parent and threatens to take away or harm your children or your pets
• Acts like the abuse is no big deal, says it’s your fault or denies the abuse.
• Physically harms you in any manner.

These are just some of the indicators of domestic violence. Please speak with an advocate about what is happening in your relationship. Contact Us

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